Saturday, December 26, 2015


 Frozen Croissants

We have available a full line of croissants. We deliver worldwide our croissants frozen. With this method the final customer (pastries, cake shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.) only defrost and bake the units they need for each day.

Very simple method that can increase sales and avoid wastes and old pastries unsold.

We supply the true tasteful pastry recipe.

Croissant Line:

Leavened puff dough
Light and crispy puff pastry so that you may enjoy the flavours and textures, whether you feel like a sweet or a salty treat, always appreciated with all the pleasure.

Plain Croissant 100g
Plain Butter Croissant 90g
Egg Croissant 120g
Chocolate Croissant 120g
Almond Croissant 120g
Cereals Croissant 100g

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Recipe Tuna Tataki

Recipe Tuna Tataki with Ponzu Sauce and chilli “Malagueta”

Easy recipe to prepare in only 20 minutes. Style Japanese Tuna Tataki.

Recipe created by: Chefe António Vieira
In Concurso de Gastronomia e Vinhos Verdes – 5ª Edição

  • Slice of tuna 400gr
  • Sprouts of Chicory 2 units
  • Micro-Greens 100gr
  • Ginger fried with mixed vegetables 50gr

Fabulous Vinho Verde with a light natural gas

Vinha dos Ingleses Espadeiro Vinho Verde

Vinha dos Ingleses Espadeiro “Vinho Verde” is composed of – 100% Espadeiro grapes.

The grapes are produced only in the vineyard of the Quinta dos Ingleses. Colored pink (smooth pink), slightly acidic flavor with fresh, fruity, soft and an intense grapes flavor.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Vinho Verde Tinto or Red Green Wine

The famous Portuguese Vinho Verde

Wine: Vinha dos Ingleses Red Vinho Verde

Grape variety: Vinhão and Borraçal
Colour: Garnet
Taste: Full-bodied
Aroma: Complex and persistent
Alcohol (% vol.): 10,5%

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Vinho Verde Branco or White Green Wine

The wonderful Portuguese Vinho Verde or in English the Green Wine.

Vinho Verde is unique in the world.
Its vibrant freshness, elegance, lightness and aromatic and flavorful expressions, especially its fruity and floral notes, are the characteristics that define and differentiate Vinho Verde.

Custard egg tart or “Pastel de Nata”

Traditional Portuguese custard egg tart.

Maybe the most iconic Portuguese cake. The custard egg tart, or in Portuguese “Pastel de Nata”, is one of the cakes available in all pastry shops in Portugal every day.

The custard egg tart it’s one of the favorite cakes of the Portuguese, but not only of the Portuguese people, but also of all tourists who visit us daily.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Portuguese Bolo Rei or King Cake

The Christmas Cake

Portuguese “Bolo Rei” or King Cake it’s a traditional cake consumed around Christmas, from December until Epiphany (Dia de Reis in Portuguese, literally “Kings’ Day”, a reference to the Three Wise Men), on 6 January. It is a staple dessert in any Portuguese home during the holidays.

Of French origin, brought to Portugal during the 19th century, king cake “bolo rei” is the main Christmas cake eaten in Portugal during the holiday season.

We have available King Cake "Bolo Rei" in dough or ready. Anyway all the King Cakes are delivered frozen worldwide.